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Recovery & Performance Enhancement Coaching Services

RestWise Included Yes Yes Yes
Suunto Movescount or Polar Personal trainer No Yes Included
Six Pillars of Recovery Application and information ** No Yes Included
Corrective Exercise - workout No No Included
Performance enhancement workout No No Included
Prehab-Flexibility-Recovery (PFR) No No Included
Saliva Testing No No Included
Dartfish No Yes Included
Bike Fit Included No No Yes
Exam * Possible Possible Yes
MSK Ultrasound * Possible Possible Yes
Communication Feedback
Recovery and performance review
Phone calls 2 Month 4 Month Unlimited
Emails 8 Month 20 Month Unlimited
Restwise None 20% 40%
Start up Fee $99 $99 $199
Monthly Fee $150 $300 $1000
Cancelation 30 days 30 days 60 days

* Please note that exam and MSK ultrasound may be covered under your health insurance. MSK ultrasound is only performed at the Virginia locations.

** The Six Pillars of Recovery includes all aspects of recovery and recommendations on products that work in all of the various aspects of recovery from supplements, basic nutrition, clothing, psychological testing and enhancement equipment recommendations. It is not listed because Dr. Rosa keeps this information for only the members that are paying to keep an edge over the completion.

Please Contact us for pricing associated with travel to your location or an entire team set up.

A la Carte

Bike fit using Dartifish motion analysis $350
Treadmill analysis using Dartfish high definition video motion analysis $250
Movement assessment testing using Dartfish high definition video motion analysis $350
MSK Ultrasound $190
Corrective exercise workout $200
Performance enhancement workout $200
Prehab-Flexibility-Recovery (PFR) $200
Saliva testing $260 for up to 9 items
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