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A Message from Dr. Rick Rosa

Dr. Rick Rosa

Dr. Rosa’s focus on recovery stems from his clinical background and his ever-present passion for his patients to recover quicker and stronger, both physically and mentally. This has led him on a path to stay on the crest of the most current research, treatment protocols and healing techniques.

In his words:

Early in my career, I began to realize I could do a lot more for athletes to help performance and prevent injuries by concentrating on the recovery side of training. In my clinical practice, we were constantly looking at improving the recovery of patients, not only in an effort to speed up the process, but also to help prevent exacerbation and re-injury. My focus became developing an all-encompassing approach for athletes with close monitoring and augmentation of recovery as the second part of training, thus allowing athletes to recover faster and train harder.

With patients ranging from the many local weekend warriors to professional and Olympic level athletes, chiropractors are best situated to act not only as team doctors but as recovery specialists. By treating the workout as a traumatic event and doing everything we can to promote healing, not only for speed of recovery, but for proper recovery, we are able to prevent future injuries. Using my concept of the Six Pillars of Recovery, I have established recovery plans for athletes that encompass all aspects of healing.

The true testing grounds on my theories on recovery were during the 2007 Paris Brest Paris, a ride that has been done in France for over one hundred years covering over 760 miles, only stopping for food a few hours’ sleep. In 2007, it was cold and rainy, one person died, and 1000 people dropped out. As a cyclist and runner, I have been able to apply my knowledge to help athletes recover better and faster. The bottom line is simply this: the quicker you recover, the harder you can apply yourself in the workouts to follow, which leads to greater gains!

Dr. Rick Rosa

2007 Paris Brest Paris 2007 Paris Brest Paris
2007 Paris Brest Paris  

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